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LeadingChoice Network, LLC.

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Phone: (608) 709-1364

Roles & Responsibilities of Members

  • To be CMS rated 3 Star or higher

    • Facility will be required to improve when​

      • Their two-year rolling star rating average is under a 3​​​

      • And their current star rating is at a 2 or less 

  • Complete corrective action plans, as appropriate to meet the Network's standards and goals.

  • Timely submission of cost and performance data to LeadingChoice Network

  • Active membership in at least one of LeadingChoice Network's Board of Managers or Committees.

  • Participate in the creation and implementation of LeadingChoice Network's recommended quality improvement clinical protocols and best practices.

  • Adhere to all contracts negotiated by the Network, including compliance with terms, billing, payment, performance measures and data reporting responsibilities.